Portland are the UK’s recognised experts on all things fuel. Set up in 2009, Portland began as a specialised hedging provider; over twelve years on, we offer a wide range of services (for more information, refer to our group site), covering every aspect of the downstream fuel sector.

Portland Fuel Cards are accepted across the UK, allowing you to buy fuel at a single price across thousands of forecourts. You can also fix your price for up to 1 year.

In addition to standard weekly pricing across a range of networks, Portland are the only fuel card provider in the UK to offer a unique, long-term fixed price fuel card i.e. a single, unchanging price for up to 12 months.

This turns a significant variable cost into a fixed one, enabling reliable budgeting to be carried out and helping you to lock in profits. Our cards run on four different networks; the UK Fuels, Fastfuels, Keyfuels and Supermarket networks.

For more information on our different pricing mechanisms, and to view available networks, click on the products below: